What Are Termistops?


Ready-to-Use Termite Protection

Pre-fabricated termite shields to seal off the plumbing and electrical penetrations in your concrete slab.


Termistops are a High-Tech Termite Shield for Your Construction Foundation

Termistops are prefabricated and “ready–to–use” flanges and bath-trap blockers that are made out of Termimesh ultramarine grade stainless steel mesh. 

These handy devices are installed around surface penetrations for plumbing or electrical pipes before the concrete slab is poured for your new construction project. Once the cement cures, the Termistops are permanently integrated into the foundation to provide a physical barrier that keeps subterranean termites from unknowingly infesting a structure from below at it’s most vulnerable points. 

Termistop Termite Protection Products

Termistops ship ready to use on all standard single pipe sizes and on tub traps to eliminate “hidden avenues” termites use through the slab. We also carry an assortment of pole socks that protect utility poles from termite damage. 

Termistop Flanges

Sub-surface pipes for plumbing and electrical exist in practically every modern structure with concrete-slab foundations. Unfortunately, these pipes can provide an invisible access point for subterranean termites   


Termistop Flanges

Termistop mesh flanges are designed to eliminate the gaps between the slab and pipes that occur during the “thermal process” of the concrete curing. Once the edges of the flange are keyed into the poured concrete, that gap is no longer a viable entry point for termites. Thereby transforming a structurally engineered slab into a continuous barrier.

Termistop flanges can fit pipes ranging from 3/4″ all the way up to 8″ inches in diameter, and come preconfigured to fit a specific size pipe. 

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Termistops for Bath Traps

Bath traps are openings in the slab where the plumbing for a bathtub or shower enters the house. They are often designed so that accessing the bath traps after construction is difficult or impossible. Many times, builders will use wood forms to create these openings and, if left in place will create an easy pathway to one of the Formosan termites’ favorite ways to infest a home.


Termistop Bath Trap Blockouts

Termistop bath traps use a combination of marine grade stainless steel mesh and foam installation blocks to create a long-term termite barrier over one of the most vulnerable areas of a building. These products come ready to install for both tub and shower bath traps. 

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Termimesh Polesocks for Utility Poles

Wooden utility poles are a common sight across the country and throughout the world. They facilitate the flow of electricity from the power company to our homes and enable our rapidly growing network of telephones, televisions, and computers.


Utility Pole Termite Protection

In areas prone to termite infestations, though, these poles are vulnerable to damage caused by these wood destroying insects. Termites will eat wood poles from the buried-portion up, which can cost government entities, public utilities, and private landowners thousands of dollars to replace. Not to mention the cost of lost productivity due to electrical or phone outages. And unfortunately, the replacement poles are often just considered a new meal for the termite colonies in the area. 

Our Termimesh Pole socks protect wooden poles of all sizes from termite damage with its proven stainless steel mesh barrier. These devices come ready-made for poles ranging from 13 1/2” to 32″ in diameter, with installation depths ranging from 5′ to 12′ deep.

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