How is a Termimesh Termite Barrier Installed?


Trained Installers Ensure Success

Our trained and authorized installers know how to maximize effectiveness with minimal disruption.


InstallING Termimesh and TeRmistops To Form a Physical Termite Barrier

Termimesh is a physical termite barrier installed during construction that blocks termites from invading from underground. The marine–grade, stainless steel mesh is flexible but strong enough to prevent termites from chewing it apart and weaved tightly to keep them from crawling through.

A thorough understanding of subterranean termites and how they attack is crucial to a successful mesh barrier installation. We often find that experienced pest control professionals make excellent installers since they have in-depth knowledge of termites and common structure vulnerabilities in the area.

Our termite barrier system is only effective if it has been properly installed by an experienced professional. That’s the reason that Termimesh oversees the training and certification for our network of authorized installers.

Before You Pour the Concrete Slab

The Termimesh System is installed into the structure’s foundation prior to the cement being poured to create a physical barrier against termites. It’s customized application to pipe clusters, construction joints, and perimeter veneer combine to effectively build termites out.

Prefabricated, “ready-to-use” Termistop flanges and bath trap blockers are installed around surface penetrations for plumbing or electrical pipes to keep termites out. This method can be combined with Termimesh’s hybrid treatment using low–toxic BoraCare or with traditional soil treatments.

We Oversee Training of All Authorized Installers

Installations of the Termimesh System can only be undertaken by accredited and licensed installers. We have our own training programs that ensure installations are always undertaken by knowledgeable professionals with a thorough understanding of how termites attack structures from below the surface.

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