Termimesh Termite Barriers for Green Building


Termite Barriers for Green Building Projects

Stainless steel mesh termite barrier products for your green construction projects.


Environmentally-Friendly Steel Mesh Termite BarrieRs

Green building practices are no longer considered a passing fad. The demand for commercial and residential structures to incorporate sustainable building practices in its design, construction and ongoing maintenance continue to rise steadily.

In a report released by Turner Construction, 83% of building owners, developers, architects, and engineers said they would be likely to seek LEED certification for buildings they are planning to build within the next three years. Additionally, in a related report from the Building Owners and Managers Association, green building material expenditures are projected to reach $100 billion over the next 10 years, and that green building will create at least 2 million jobs.

What does the push for LEED certification and sustainable building practices mean to architects, builders, property managers, and homeowners?

It means a home or office building has been designed and built according to standards set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council covering everything from what materials were used, how they were installed, where the building is located, and how the building is maintained.

Preventing destructive termites from invading structures, and literally eating away at the structural integrity of the building and causing thousands of dollars of damage, can also earn LEED credits.

The Termimesh System and Termistop are International Code Council approved for new construction and on many projects have contributed a full Innovation in Design credit under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED NC building program. Many homes have utilized installation of these products for Sustainable Sites credit under the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Standards and LEED H.

Both products are designed to blend in seamlessly with new construction and afford a level of security against termite infestation that is unmatched. They are the only approved physical termite barrier treatment on the market and its marine grade stainless steel mesh prevents termites from entering a structure and causing damage.

The Role of Termimesh in Green Building Projects

Consumer demand for sustainable, green building practices continues to rise. Today’s owners want their new homes to reflect the design of their dreams but also to respect the environment now and in the future. Today, architects and builders are in a unique position to deliver both with Termimesh.

Learn More about how Termimesh and Termistops contribute to green building practices without sacrificing effectiveness:

  • Benefits of Termimesh for Architects - a pesticide-free termite protection for commercial or residential construction projects, Termimesh is made from stainless steel mesh, it is designed to integrate seamlessly into the building for long-lasting and proven effectiveness.

  • Benefits of Termimesh for Builders - our unique termite control barrier can be installed in conjunction with other trades to ensure that both residential or commercial construction projects stay on schedule.

  • Termimesh Building Specifications - building construction requirements can vary greatly from project to project. To help with this, we provide more than 100 different installation designs and specifications to suit all types of residential and commercial construction methods.

  • Termimesh Industry Certifications - our unique termite control barrier products have been approved by the International Code Council for termite protection.

With a proven track record in more than 200,000 structures worldwide, the Termimesh System and Termistop are the products of choice for architects designing sustainable, “green-friendly” commercial and government buildings, hospitals, schools, and homes.

Your design and construction project deserves to be the best – it deserves Termimesh.