How Can I Become An Authorized Termimesh Installer?


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Pest Control Professionals Make Great Termimesh Installers

Throughout our decades of experience in working with Termimesh authorized installers, we’ve found that the best ones usually have a very thorough understanding of termites, how they attack and what types of damage they can do. That’s why we like to target experienced pest management professionals who are seeking new revenue streams and want to market a proven product to the ever-growing green consumer segment.

Termimesh General Manager Joel Roehling says becoming an authorized installer opens the door for pest management professionals to new revenue streams in termite work, as well as other pest services.

Becoming an authorized installer offers pest management professionals several benefits:

  • Two physical termite barrier products – the Termimesh System and Termistop – that are 100% guaranteed and can be installed in virtually all buildings and environments.

  • A proven non-chemical product that is ideal for your “green” customer base.

  • Flexible applications – can be used as a stand-alone or in combination with BoraCare® or traditional soil treatments.

  • Create a niche termite service offering that raises your profile with builders and homeowners, and can lead to new business opportunities.

  • Create new career paths for employees and provide additional training on termites and how to manage them.

  • Open your company to new revenue and profit streams.

We’ll Help You Get Started

Termimesh offers extensive training and marketing support for its authorized installers to help make the most of their time and effort.

Expand the company’s termite prevention services and align your company with a technology that home builders, construction professionals, and consumers are asking for.

For more information on how the Termimesh System can add value and reduce costs, contact Joel Roehling at (512) 997-0066.

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