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Installation Specs for Any Scenario

More than 100 installation designs and specifications for residential and commercial entry issues.


Termimesh installation designs for all types of construction

Incorporating Termimesh and Termistops into the design process might seem daunting at first, due to the sheer number of entry issues that can be involved in a modern structure. Don’t worry, Termimesh is here to help. We have more than 100 installation designs and specifications to suit all types of residential and commercial construction entry issues.

These specifications are available to homeowners, builders, architects and building designers from Termistop USA. Just contact Termimesh’s Joel Roehling at (512) 997-0066 or joel@termistopusa.com with your Credit Intent Requests (CIR) or to request a full set of building specifications.

Termimesh building specifications include:

  • 21 types of perimeter protection

  • 7 types of service penetration protection (Termistops)

  • 10 types of zero boundary construction

  • 5 types of tilt-up slab construction

  • 9 types of retaining walls

  • 5 types of concrete wall construction joints

  • 11 types of abutting paths and driveways

  • 7 types of rendered walls

  • 10 types of control joints

Below are links to some examples of typical installation specifications with drawings:

Termimesh Resources

To assist our clients we have provided several informational resources

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Termimesh System Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS):

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