How Does Termimesh Benefit Homeowners?


Termite Prevention You Don’t Have to Think About

Our proven, environmentally-friendly termite barriers make worrying about termites a thing of the past.


AN Environmentally-Friendly Termite Solution THAT Protects Your Home For a Long time

Termimesh is a physical barrier against termites that is built directly into your home’s foundation and surface penetrations before the cement being poured. It is the only physical termite barrier on the market guaranteed to protect your single most valuable investment – your family’s home.

Termimesh is not a chemical but rather cost–effective, environmentally–friendly stainless steel marine-grade mesh. It is strong enough to prevent termites from chewing it apart and weaved tightly enough to keep them from crawling through.

Untreated termite colonies will destroy wood frames, roof timbers, door frames, cabinets, and electrical wiring in your home without you even knowing. Their destructive habits can cost you thousands of dollars and pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home.

Installed only by authorized installers, the Termimesh System or Termistop both provide you with a termite-free living area that is 100% guaranteed.

When you decide to build the house of your dreams, insist that Termimesh products be included and avoid a termite nightmare down the road.

Benefits for Homeowners

  • A chemical-free, non-toxic physical barrier that builds termites out.

  • Adaptable, flexible, long lasting and designed specifically for the construction industry.

  • Installed by authorized professionals with a 100% warranty guarantee.

  • A cost–effective, one–time investment with no ongoing investments required.

  • A recognized “green” building material that qualifies for LEED credits under the National Green Building Standard, NAHB Green Building Standard, Green Globe, and other sustainable building programs.