What Is Termimesh?


Protect Your Home

The most proven physical termite barrier technology on the market.


Termimesh is a Unique, Stainless Steel Termite Control Barrier System

If you want to build destructive termites out of your new home or commercial building from the very start, you need Termimesh. The most proven physical termite barrier technology on the market.

Termimesh products are installed into the structure’s foundation prior to the concrete slab being poured, to create a physical barrier against termites.

This proprietary and customized application to pipe clusters, construction joints, and perimeter veneer combine to effectively build termites out for good by blocking hidden entry points around utility penetrations and other vulnerable areas in the slab.

Termimesh Termite Barrier Benefits:

Why do quality builders, leading architects, and knowledgeable homeowners choose the Termimesh System?

  • Ultramarine grade stainless steel mesh

  • Environmentally friendly, flexible, non-toxic and long-life solution to termite

  • Can be installed in all types of structures

  • Quality controlled from manufacture to installation

  • Installed by accredited professionals who undergo quality control training and testing

  • Available throughout the United States

  • One-time installation with no retreatments necessary

  • Tested and approved by leading authorities throughout the world

  • Backed by the outstanding and industry leading Pledge Guarantee

  • A proven track record with hundreds of thousands of installations throughout the toughest termite regions in the world

An Environmentally-Friendly Termite Solution to an Old World Problem

Not only has the Termimesh system proven itself over two decades as an effective solution for stopping termite damage in real-world installations, it is also a favorite of the worlds leading green builders and architects.

Termimesh is widely recognized by green building professionals and homeowners as the product of choice for non-chemical, sustainable termite control, it is approved for new construction by the International Code Council and enables projects to earn Innovation in Design credit under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED building program, NAHB Green Building Standard, Green Globe and other sustainable building programs.