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Before installing the Termistop, the installer must remove or reposition any tape, insulation or obstruction from the service penetration. *
When sliding the Termistop Flange over the pipe, the Termistop is positioned in the middle of the slab depth as the clamp is tightened. *
Because the Termistop is made of stainless steel, contact with the steel reinforcement is allowed. *
Once installed on the pipe, the Termistop Flange skirt must be lifted to approximately 45 degrees above horizontal. *
The first step of installing a Termistop Bathtrap is to press the clamp to the mesh and tighten the clamp at the top of the pipe. *
When cutting the mesh for the Bathtrap, the installer must cut an "X" at the top of the clamp, making sure to cut with the grain of the mesh. *
Once the mesh is cut for the Bathtrap, the installer folds each tab only once before he is ready to slide the Bathtrap in place. *
After the Bathtrap profile is flattened to the pad, the edges must be folded up to insure they "key in" to the concrete. *
Any material removed from a penetration (Tape, Insulation, etc), must be replaced to it's original condition and position after Termistop installation is complete. *
When the final penetration is completed, the installer should pack up his/her tools and leave the jobsite. *